Not QUITE April Fool’s…

Some “zat so?” comments in a recent posting promoting anti-Afghan-war protests on the 60th anniversary of NATO.

This little get-together is set for 4 Apr 09 in Montreal.

Some interesting info from the web page:

“The Canadian Peace Alliance and the Collectif Échec à la guerre are calling for pan-Canadian demonstrations on April 4 to demand an end to the NATO-led occupation that has already killed thousands of Afghan civilians and threatens to bring war to the entire region.”

In case you missed it last week, the mission is (again) SUPPORTED BY THE UNITED NATIONS – check here (.pdf) for the latest Security Council resolution.

“In addition, the war in Afghanistan has already expanded into Pakistan…”

Some might say if the Taliban is using Pakistan as an R&R centre, the war is spreading FROM Pakistan.

“The spread of war threatens to create massive social and political instability in a nuclear-armed (Pakistan) …. NATO maintains its policy of pre-emptive first-strike using nuclear weapons, a policy that encourages nuclear proliferation, and heightens the prospect of nuclear war.”

Does the anti-war movement trusts Pakistan more than NATO wielding the nuclear bomb?  Why, even the Inter Press Service News Agency, whose “first element of our communication strategy is the provision of independent news and editorial content,” has some…. issues with Pakistani stability.

“On March 13, 2008—just three weeks before a NATO Summit—Parliament voted to extend Canada’s mission in Afghanistan to July 2011. Polls showed that 58 per cent of Canadians opposed the extension.”

And, when given a chance to kick the bums out, Canadians decided seven months later to re-elect (albeit narrowly) the Conservatives.  Do you believe the polls, or do you believe the election?

“NATO members must be accountable to their own populations, and not to NATO generals.”

Note to protesters:  NATO generals are accountable to member nations, who are accountable to their populations – if they’re not happy, the populations can vote the politicians who hire/fire the generals out.

Nice try, folks, although some credit is due – it’s a bit better than the “zucchinis for peace” idea.

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