Taliban Bomber “Own Goals”

Someone missed the Taliban’s occupational health and safety training.

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:

” Blundering Afghan Suicide Bomber Blows Up Six Militants

A would-be suicide bomber has accidentally blown himself up, killing six other militants as he was bidding them farewell to leave for his intended target, the Interior Ministry said.

“The terrorist was on his way to his destination and saying goodbye to his associates and then his suicide vest exploded,” a statement from the ministry said.

Taliban-led attacks in Afghanistan have escalated in the past year with suicide and roadside bombings the insurgents’ weapons of choice.

The incident happened in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan, where mainly British troops are struggling against a growing Taliban-led insurgency….”

As far as I can tell, the term “own goals” when it applies to bombers and bomb makers blowing themselves up comes from the British during the Troubles.

Here’s to seven more ISAF doesn’t have to worry about hunting down.


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