Atheist: CF Parents Have No Right to Leave Their Kids Orphaned

A case of “there it was, gone” when it comes to a blog posting painting a broad and erroneous brush over all parents in the military.

This weekend, I clicked here to find a pretty harsh diatribe from a self-proclaimed “Canadian skeptic dedicated to the reasoned and peaceful eradication of religion”:

“…. you do not have the right to leave your kids without a mother or a father. Do you really think that your presence is essential to the effort in Afghanistan? Of course, it’s not. If EVERY parent soldier reported to their superiors tomorrow and conscientiously objected to any further participation (on the grounds that it would be immoral to leave their kids without a parent), do you know what would happen? The Canadian and American governments would have to entice more soldiers without children and probably pay more than they currently pay in order to keep the ranks properly bolstered. Of course, you know that every parent soldier won’t heed this call. In fact, you might be the only one … and the fact that you make this decision might be the difference between your kids growing up with you or not ….”

Uh, yeah, right…

Well, as of this posting, the posting seems to have disappeared – click here for a .pdf scan I saved, with a few of the comments that (I suppose) led to the removal of the post.

God help him if other people weren’t happy… Oh, wait a second.

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