“Secret Plan” to Ramp Up CAN’s AFG Mission?

A short response to this from ceasefire.ca:

“Evidence is mounting that the Harper government is quietly preparing for a major escalation of our combat role in Afghanistan, and this includes hundreds more troops and the possible deployment of Canadian CF-18 fighter bombers….”

“Secret plan”?  Not likely.

Cranking UP the military part of the mission?  Not likely.

1)  Check here, here or here for signs of the civilianization of the mission.

2) He points to this call for Letters of Interest to build shacks for Canadian troops in Kandahar (.pdf version here if link doesn’t work).

2a)  I guess Canadian troops that are already scheduled to deploy between now and 2011 don’t need places to live?

2b)  If they’re built and Canada leaves, they couldn’t possibly be used by anyone else, right?

Interesting….. “idea” though.  It’ll be interesting to see if we get to find out how much money is raised through this “idea”.  I await with interest.

UPDATE:  I’m in good company – The Torch and Dust My Broom with the lunacy fantasy uniqueness of this “idea”:

“Even paranoids have enemies”

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