Just tallied up the total number of Canadians the Taliban claim to have killed in their statements for May 2009.

Total:  Seven

How many did Canada announce in that period?


Since October 2008, how many Canadians have the Talibs claimed to have killed?


How many have actually been killed?


Funny part, though, is that there were WAY fewer announcements of Canadian casualties, or potential casualties – four, compared to about 9 per month since October.

Does the Taliban think Canada’s mind really is made up and our troops in tan are really going to leave in 2011,  so there’s no point pressing that target audience anymore?

I have no stats, but generally, I’m seeing a LOT more reports of attacks on Americans announced in the past month or two.  The Taliban info-surge?

A .pdf of the monthly summary report is available here at Army.ca.  Just for shiggles, here’s the Taliban’s tally sheet for the whole country for May 2009.

Comments, theories and ideas always welcome.

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