“Where’s Peter?” on AFG?

A couple of recent announcements, and their placement, are further feeding my “Canada Wants to Civilianize the Afghanistan Mission” conspiracy theory.

This week, Canada announced $12 milliion to help pay Afghan cops.  Who made that announcement (.pdf here if link not working)?

“The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs today announced that Canada will help strengthen the rule of law in Afghanistan — one of Canada’s six priorities in the country — through an additional contribution of $12 million to support Afghan police salaries….”

Same day, Canada’s Defence Minister announced he’d chatted up fellow NATO defence ministers in Belgium (.pdf here) – his focus?

…. Of particular interest to Canada during the NATO meeting, as well as at the ISAF RC(S) meeting, was the discussion on Afghanistan and the ongoing need for training and mentoring of the Afghan National Police (ANP) and the Afghan National Army (ANA). Canada remains committed to providing the support necessary to ensure Afghans, through the ANP and the ANA, have the capacity, training, and capability to assume responsibility for their own security.

Also discussed was the influx of considerable US military and civilian resources in southern Afghanistan in the coming months, as well as the Command Structure for ISAF. Canada welcomes additional forces from contributing partners to this UN-mandated, NATO-led mission….”

Not entirely surpising, given NATO’s joint statement on the same sessions (.pdf here)

“Following two days of formal meetings and working sessions at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Allied Defence Ministers approved three separate initiatives; to enhance training for Afghan National Security Forces; to improve command and control structure for ISAF; and to deploy NATO AWACs to assist with air traffic control in Afghanistan ….”

What’s interesting is that although Cannon’s funding announcement made it to the Government of Canada’s showcase web page for the mission in Afghanistan (.pdf of 13 Jun 09 screen capture here), MacKay’s announcement on the same day only made it on DND’s web page.

Non-conspiracy theory:  There was more than JUST Afghanistan content in MacKay’s release, so it wasn’t “Afghanistan Enough” for the mission page.

Conspiracy Theory: Canadian military mission in Afghanistan?  Whachoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

Conspiracy-layered-on-conspiracy Theory:   Given NATO’s apparent consensus that Afghanistan was the biggest topic to highlight from their chat, someone “suggested” throwing in the Kosovo and Somalia content in order to make it look like the Non-Conspiracy Theory option was in play.

Pick a theory, any theory.

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