TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Taliban Commander Admits Using Human Shields

I wouldn’t want this Talib’s nerve in my tooth.

Speaking to Reuters, Mullah Mahmoud, a Taliban commander in the Golestan district of west Afghanistan’s Farah province, is quoted saying they really have no choice but to mix in with non-targets:

“There is truth in this to some extent, but what can Talibs do? Should they just let themselves be killed by Americans? …. When Talibs are part of that community and live amongst the people, when the Americans arrive, they have to go the house where their brother is, where their family is … so when (Americans) come to our house to kill us, they will kill our families, too.”

There appears to be a silver lining to the Talibs’ cloud, though:

“When the air strikes came, our friends were being killed, our families, but we did not feel pain because we know that when we start jihad we have to accept that our women, our daughters and children, may be killed in the fight,”


Quick question on coverage of this story:  where’s the headline saying, “Taliban Commander Admits Using Human Shields”?  I await even one mainstream media story with this headline.  And I promise I won’t complain about copyright infringement if they do use it.

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