TAILBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Lotsa Sites Dropping Offline

Don’t know if it’s coincidence, don’t know if it’s good counter-info ops/cyber attacks, but English-language (and other) Tailban propaganda is getting harder to come by these days.

While the Voice of Jihad’s main page (as well as its English page) appears to be working, its Arabic page seems wonky.  Click on any story in the top right-hand corner of the page, and you get a blank page with a blue box on it.  The Taliban’s other Arabic page, alsomod.com, also appears to be completely off the stage for the moment.

(For now), Ansar Al-Mujahideen’s English forum still appears to be working, as well as The Unjust Media, but some of my usual sources of goodies, such as the Anti-imperialist.info rebel news forum, Al-Firdaws’ English mujhaideen announcement forum, and the thabaat.net family of sites (forums and blog) all appear down for the count.

Stay tuned for which ones return elsewhere, and which remain in the dark.

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