Keeping AFG Budget Numbers Secret?

Remember this?

Well, news like this (.pdf permalink here) sure makes it look like there’s something to hide:

…. The NDP has filed a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s office to force the release of the figures for the recently started fiscal year of 2009-10, as well as for 2010-11 and 2011-12.

Last year, the military estimated the incremental cost for 2009-10 to be $261 million and for 2010-11 at $150 million but did not address the costs for 2011-12. This year, it blanked out those numbers….

Remember this phrase from the Conservative Party’s platform in 2006 (.pdf)?

The Liberal government has consistently rejected attempts to provide Canadians with better access to government information. The present Information Commissioner has gone to court several times to force the government to open its windows….

followed by several measures to make it easier for Canadians to get information?

I don’t think the government has changed its mind regarding Canada’s military presence in Afghanistan beyond 2011, but it certainly gives folks who share conspiracy theories like this one fuel to crank up the flames.

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