TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: (Alleged) June 2009 Stats

Again, the Taliban has been kind enough to share their latest stats on how they’re doing across Afghanistan, via theunjustmedia.com – some highlights:

  • 297 “civilians martyred”
  • 182 “mujahid wounded”
  • 86 “mujahid martyred”
  • 688 “enemy military vehicles and tanks destroyed”
  • 287 “invader wounded”
  • 1053 “invader killed”
  • 7 “martyrdom operations”
  • 584 “number of operations”

A .pdf version of the table is available for download from a non-terrorist web page here.

Enjoy the lies!

27 Jul 09 update: If you want to see the Arabic original, check here (.pdf at non-terrorist web page) for the update in the latest edition of the Taliban’s Al Somood magazine.

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