PAK Says Taliban’ll Talk to USA?

This, from CNN (.pdf permalink here):

“The Pakistan military has declared that not only is it in contact with Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar but that it can bring him and other commanders to the negotiating table with the United States….”

Hmmm, let’s see, has the Taliban Info-machine produced any messaging about this sort of thing before?

13 Mar 09:

“Ours is the same old stand there is no other way except jihad in Afghanistan until the invader forces are present in Afghanistan. If you wait for 3000 years, our stand is the same that Taliban will never hold talks in presence of invader forces in Afghanistan.”

23 Dec 08, on alleged talks with Saudi intermediaries:

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has neither held talks in Saudi Arabia nor in the United Arab Emirates nor in any other place. I did not send a letter to the leader of the Islamic government of Saudi Arabia, the custodian of Haramain, Mr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, or to the opposition officials. Additionally, I have not received any formal message from any of the aforementioned entities. These reports are completely baseless and are part of a planned propaganda campaign created by the enemy. (Signed) The servant of Islam and the Leader of the Believers, Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid”

28 Sept 08:

“A dialogue which is in favour of Afghanistan and Islam it will never be hidden from the nation. Our struggle will continue until the departure of all foreign troops.

I guess Mullah Omar’s changed his mind?  I await with interest the Talibs’ latest iteration of their “no talk before foreign troops are outta Afghanistan” message.

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