“Taliban Jack” Criticized for Supporting CF Troops

Is there trouble in NDP socialist Paradise over Canada’s mission in Afghanistan?

This caught my eye – true, it’s just one (repeatedly) failed NDP Communist candidate from B.C. **, but it’s interesting to see in the alternative media.

Some highlights:

” “Where’s Layton and the NDP on Afghanistan?”  This is an urgent question for the anti-war movement, regardless of our various political affiliations. I’m sure we’re all interested to hear what Jack Layton has to say on this issue, either tomorrow or whenever. The unfortunate problem is that it has been many months since he explicitly called for bringing the troops home.”

“I could be wrong, but it appears to me that Layton is putting a very high priority on being seen in the media as “supportive of the troops”. That impression is strengthened by his regular statements expressing condolences to the families of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan. These statements always refer to these members of the Armed Forces as having “died in the service of their country” or a similar sentiment. “

“I don’t know what Jack Layton tells the troops when he spends time with them. If he tells them this war is a disaster for both Canada and Afghanistan, and that their sacrifices are a complete waste of blood and courage and tears and dollars, more power to him. But that’s not what the NDP media releases are saying these days. And that weakness hurts the entire anti-war movement, since we are effectively left with very few strong voices in Parliament.   The further I go through Layton’s statements and speeches over the past year, the more it becomes clear that he is distancing himself from the activist core of the anti-war movement.”

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD socialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

** – Edited following far sharper eyes than mine confirming that the author didn’t run for the NDP, but for the Communist Part of Canada.

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