Time to Explain Why, What Happens Next

So, if Canada’s “combat mission” ends in 2011, what the heck happens after that?  University of Calgary political scientist Barry Cooper raises some good points in this Canadian Press article:

“You don’t go to war because you like to fight. You go to war for political purpose …. The political purpose of having troops on the ground in Afghanistan has to be restated because people tend to forget.” And that message needs to be driven home, regardless of whether Ottawa sticks to its pullout deadline or not.

(Red bits:  direct quote from Prof. Cooper; green bits:  paraphrase by Canadian Press reporter)

“Driven home” by who, according to the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada?

“Ministers are the principal spokespersons of the Government of Canada. They are supported in this role by appointed aides, including executive assistants, communication directors and press secretaries in ministers’ offices, and by the senior management teams of government institutions, which include deputy heads, heads of communications and other officials.  Ministers present and explain government policies, priorities and decisions to the public.”

In spite of worries that it’s too late, it’s time to hear moreno matter what happens.

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