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TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Casualties At Fault for Suicide Bombings…

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…at least during the election, as far as the Taliban is concerned.

Some excerpts from a statement, from a pro-Taliban blog (Voice of Jihad statement in Arabic), with my plain-speak translations:

“No official or member of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has made and neither will make any agreement with opposition in reference to elections being conducted by US. Therefore, do not fall pray to fake and false propaganda of the enemy.”

(Translation:  What ceasefire you talkin’ about?)

“If Mujahideen attack someone and harm him/her, then total responsibility will rest on that particular individual because Mujahideen have already warned everyone again and again and they always provide their plan in advance to people of Islamic Emirate.”

(Translation:  If you get hurt stopping shrapnel from a suicide bomb attack, our new, improved rules notwithstanding, it’s your own fault.)

“Extensive propaganda is being made in the name of elections which are just aimed at fulfilling American plans and plans of their allies. There are no chances of success of their plans practically but Americans are, as usual, planning to announce victory of their fake plan through their fake media so that they score legal points to justify their presence in Afghanistan.  Therefore, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan now announces, that results of these elections WILL NOT be acceptable.”

(Translation:  The results of these elections WILL NOT be acceptable.)

You can find a .pdf version (English followed by Arabic) at a non-terrorist site here.

I can’t wait for this MSM headline:


I’ll let you know when I see it…


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17 August 09 at 19:37

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