C’Mon, say it out loud, Ceasefire.ca

H/t to Mark at The Torch for catching this latest dreck from Steven Staples over at Ceasefire.ca – this, on the latest back-and-forth over Senator Colin Kenny’s suggestion to GTFO of Afghanistan:

“Is General Vance really suggesting that we should continue to fight this war, simply to avoid hurting someone’s feelings?  One has to wonder if this is how he makes his own command decisions in Afghanistan, sending his troops into battle simply because they want to fight bravely on, no matter what the cost or their likelihood of success.”

General Vance, like all Canadian men and women in uniform, go into battle based on orders from the Government of Canada – you know, those folks voters elected?

C’mon, you know you want to say it – Canada’s become a banana republic with the military in charge, a coup state?


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