“Messaging Bitch Fight” =/= Debate on Afghanistan

Thanks to Mark at The Torch for drawing my eye to this item from Brian Platt at The Canada-Afghanistan Blog on a recent radio debate on Afghanistan:

“The bulk of the show was taken up by a panel discussion with three MPs: Andrew Saxton from the Tories, Ujjal Dosanjh from the Liberals, and Peter Julian from the NDP. The segment was mostly useless, with the MPs spouting their talking points and trying to score points off each other. Why on earth would CKNW think that was the best use of the show’s time? Beats the hell out of me.”

Generally, I like to bitch and moan about media coverage, and to a certain extent, I have to agree with Brian that a session of “dueling messages” does not a debate make.

However, I like to think that more than one person listening to that sort of exchange will realize that it is, indeed, NOT a debate but a political bun fight while Canadian men and women are working hard to help  make things better in Afghanistan.

Brian is correct, as well, about Terry Glavin’s (of Chronicles & Dissent blog fame) closing summary on the show – three minutes of great radio (mp3).


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