Glavin on Messaging, the NDP and Talking to the Taliban

1)  I LOVE Terry Glavin’s (of the Chronicles & Dissent blog) clear, concise messaging on what should be said to Afghanistan (emphasis mine):

“We have no cause to doubt the resolve of the Afghan people. It’s our own resolve that’s the problem, and while peace in Afghanistan may require more soldiers and firepower, not less, all the troops in the world will do no greater service to the Afghan people and their cause than plain words, spoken in plain language: We will not betray you. We will not abandon you. We will not surrender. We will not retreat.

Any Canadian politician who is not capable of speaking these words clearly and plainly should do the country and the world a favour and just shut the hell up.”

Terry’s finessed this messaging a bit in a column this week in the National Post, and it STILL bears sharing:

“The language we speak is at least as important to the Afghan cause as bread or roses, or guns or butter. More than all else, what the Afghan people need to hear from us is plain words spoken in clear language:We will not betray you. We will not abandon you. We will not surrender. We will not retreat.

Until Canada’s politicians can find it in themselves to speak that kind of language, perhaps they should do us all a favour and just keep their mouths shut.”

2)  Terry also tells it like it is responding to an NDP e-mail about setting up a process to start talking to the bad guys in Afghanistan,  via a National Post blog post:

“Neither the Haqqani Taliban, nor the Islamic Emirate (Mullah Omar’s Taliban), nor Hezb-e-Islami (Gulbaddin Kekmatyar’s forces) want to talk peace with you. They want to kill you.”

What more needs to be said?

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