What’s Canada Buying These Days?

A couple of interesting postings to the MERX tendering web site to share.

The Department of National Defence, Soldier Systems Program Management has a requirement for quantity ( 105 ) Portable Gamma Spectroscopy Systems to be used by the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit and deployed as part of Operation Podium, and domestic Heads of Government meetings. Consistent interpretation and interchangeability of field survey and identification results are required between Director General Nuclear Safety (DGNS), Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) Events response teams and the Special Operations Forces Command.


Vendor Name and Address:
Gamble Technologies Limited
6535 Millcreek Drive
Unit #71
Mississauga Ontario

Plain English:  100+ gamma ray scanners needed for 2010 Olympics and G8 meeting in Huntsville, Ontario.

It is the intention of the department of National Defence (DND) to award a contract for Homestay Services for foreign adult students. The Department of National Defence’ National Capital Region Training Company, Canadian Forces Language School (NCR Trg Coy, CFLS) is tasked to conduct Language Teacher training to military personnel and civilian language teachers from various parts of the world such as Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America.

As well, Military Training Cooperation Programme (DMTCP) is tasked to conduct the Basic Public Affairs Officer Course (BPAOC). This high profile course, takes place once or twice a year for up to six months each and for normally 4 students per course. The next scheduled course will start in January 2010.

The school is located in Gatineau Quebec.

The department intends to award a one-year Contract with the option to extend for two one year options at the Crown’s sole discretion. These services are an ongoing requirement. The services have been previously provided by Language Achievement Canada of Carleton Place, Ontario.”

Plain English:  contractor needed to arrange host homes for trainees from other countries taking language teacher and public affairs courses in and around Gatineau.


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