Canada Ordering “Hybrid” Combat Shirts

This drew my eye on the MERX public tendering web page:

The Department of National Defence (DND) has a requirement for Hybrid Shirt with a knit material body and FR fabric arms in Canadian Disruptive Pattern Arid Regions (CADPAT AR). The hybrid shirts have to be manufactured in accordance with the Department of National Defence the Department of National Defence documents, Manufacturing Data for shirt, hot weather, hybrid DSSPM 2-6-87-8823, dated 19 August, 2009, Purchase description for cloth, twill, aramid/FR viscose, 170 g/m², dated 10 August 2009, Specification for CADPAT ™(AR), dated 27 June 2003, Specification for cloth, knit, jersey, 60/40 cotton/nylon, dated 8 September 2009, Manufacturing data for tape, fastener, nylon hook and loop, dated March 2001, patterns, drawings, and sealed patterns.

After looking at the diagrams from the bid document (PDF available here), it appears Canada is ordering 25,270 shirts patterned along the general lines of this one in the American system (photo courtesy of US Cavalry Store)….

35367L…. by 31 March 2010.

Why no pockets on the front, you may ask?

Take a look at this soldier chatting with Canada’s Governor General (photo courtesy of CF Combat Camera) ….

Afghanistan 2009

…. to see how accessible front shirt pockets are on soldiers loaded up for work outside the wire.

Update (1): Who won the contract, and countdown to delivery.

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