TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: AFG Taliban Spokesperson Admits Indirect Talks with West

Buried in this islamonline.net piece on alleged deals being offered back and forth between Taliban intermediaries and the U.S. (PDF offered here in case link doesn’t work), this tidbit jumps out at me:

A Taliban spokesman admitted indirect talks with the US.  “Yes, there were some indirect talks, but they did not work,” Yousaf Ahmedi, the Taliban spokesman in southern Afghanistan, told IOL from an unknown location via satellite phone.  “There are some people who are conveying each others’ (Taliban and US) messages. But there were no direct talks between us and America,” he explained.

This would be the article is talking about.

For the record, the last time such alleged talks-through-intermediaries were covered by mainstream media, Quari’s colleague denied they were happening.

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