More Calls for “All Civvy, No Military” Afghan Mission

The appeasers folks at are drawing attention to an article calling for the civilianization of the mission in Afghanistan under United Nations auspices.

Interesting how the authors of the source article view the U.N. – on the one hand:

The lack of impartiality that has hampered the effectiveness and legitimacy of the international presence in Afghanistan must be redressed. UNAMA and Isaf were created in 2002 to assist the new Afghan government, and thus neither can be considered neutral by design. The direct involvement of troops from some Security Council member-states in war-fighting further complicates the issue.

and then on the other:

The UN alone can be perceived as an impartial actor able to act as a legitimate third party, broker negotiations within Afghanistan and lead a political strategy for the region.

Well, which is it?

First off, the U.N. Security Council has repeatedly endorsed the mission, so it’s already a U.N. sanctioned mission.  Or are the authors buying into the Taliban’s “well, we don’t like ALL of the Permanent Members of the Security Council” storyline?

As for the UN being perceived as “impartial actor,” the authors may think so, but the Taliban certainly think differently – from some recent statements:

…the oppressed people of the world do not trust the United Nations any more because of its partial and unlawful resolutions. They consider this World Body as an extended instrument of America and Europe for the execution of their colonialist policies. Now many impartial personalities of the world say that the World Body has assumed the shape of the secretariat office of the USA from where they get passed resolution palatable to them. (12 Oct 09 statement)

Not happy with words?  How about the Taliban’s deeds?

According to reports, three heroic Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan carried out a martyrdom-seeking attack inside the guest house of UNAMA, killing a great number of workers of the runoff campaign. In the heart of the Kabul city, Share Naw, Mujahideen killed 50 foreigners in UNAMA guest house no. II as a result of martyrdom seeking attack. (Statement claiming responsiblity for 28 Oct 09 attack on U.N. staff in Kabul)

If the Taliban is willing to shoot up suicide bomb mosques. shoot at medical transport protected by international conventions, threaten and kill aid workers, what makes one think they’d stop when the foreign soldiers are all gone?

Bottom line:  if the bad guys are already threatening and killing foreigners trying to help Afghans, even with all the Afghan and NATO troops deployed trying to stop the violence, the Taliban will continue to threaten and kill foreigners trying to help Afghans once the troops leave.

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