Mission Messaging Mambo: CF Preparing to Move Home

29 Oct 09:  Canada’s Defence Minister quoted saying post-2011 mission depends on what U.S. does down the road.

6 Nov 09:  The Globe and Mail and CBC.ca say Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff Walt Natynczyk has issued some kind of orders to start some sort of preparation for pulling Canada’s troops out of Afghanistan.  The Toronto Star actually quotes the CDS saying:

“I’ve put out instructions back in August on our planning and preparation with regard to 2011,” he said. “Our allies are well aware, NATO is well aware of our intentions because … it takes a year or so to prepare all the troops … to replace us …. I don’t have additional knowledge of where the laydown is, but I would say the chances are that the U.S. will continue to replace what we’re doing in Kandahar province …. That would be at this point my assumption.”

6 Nov 09:  The Associated Press says:

(U.S. President Barak) Obama brushed off criticism that he is taking too long to decide whether to meet his war commander’s request to provide about 40,000 more troops at the end of this year

So, what more do we know about what Canada’s presence will look like in Afghanistan post-2011?

Not so much.

The mambo continues.

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