TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Prisoners Go on Hunger Strike in K’Har

The Associated Press says Taliban prisoners in jail in Kandahar aren’t happy with their food and living conditions:

About 350 Taliban prisoners are on a hunger strike at a prison in Kandahar and a delegation from the Ministry of Justice is going to the lockup in southern Afghanistan to investigate their complaints.  Mohammad Shafiq, one of the prisoners, says the inmates began the hunger strike Sunday evening. They are complaining about poor food, water and health care.

Wonder how the Taliban would respond if prisoners they held went on hunger strike for better conditions?

The Taliban’s statement on this in Arabic and Google English indicates it’s the Sarpoza prison in question.  Correctional Service of Canada staff are working there (photos here) to improve things, and Canada committed last year to invest a fair chunk of money to renovate and beef up the place after a significant prison break last summer.

This isn’t the first time the Taliban has complained about how prisoners are being held in Afghanistan.

More, as the Taliban’s lies come in…


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