Mission Messaging Mambo: CDS Says It Again

Well, some more clarification from the Chief of Defence Staff General Walt Natynczyk on what the troops have been told to do:

“The parliamentary motion directs that it will be the end of the military mission in July of 2011. I mean those are the words that are there,”


But Natynczyk said he couldn’t see a role for any soldiers in Kandahar that would respect parliament’s declaration.

“We provide protection, we provide security, we enable governance, we enable development, we enable training. But our function is security and protection. That’s the military mission.”

Asked if there’s any role for Canadian soldiers in a non-military deployment, Natynczyk said there will be some representatives in Kabul as part of the embassy staff.

“But right now, everything else we do is a security mission, is providing protection and security.”

Cool.  Now all we need is an elected official to explain what happens next – or more than one saying approximately the same thing.

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