TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: When Did Karzai’s Opponent Become the Bad Guy?

Finally getting around to sharing the latest Taliban statement on the results of the 2 Nov 09 non-election in Afghanistan (official English at Voice of Jihad site here, PDF at non-terrorist site here).

It’s typical for these statements to bash Karzai and his regime as being puppets of the U.S./NATO, but this time, the Talibs are bashing his opponent, Abdullah Abdullah – an excerpt (red highlights mine):

They allege that corruption is rampant in government offices, the people are alienated and Hamid Karzai including his immediate relatives have secret links with drug traffickers. As evidence, they constantly refer to the releasing of some well-known heroin smugglers by Hamid Karzai from prison. Contrarily, Hamid Karzid accuse them of disbursing their financial assistance to Afghanistan through the channels of foreign NGOs which are involved in embezzlement and corruption, spending only 20% of the assistance in Afghanistan and putting the rest 80% in their own pockets. While their bickering continued, the American rulers brought forward a new pawn by the name of Abdullah who agreed to all legitimate and illegitimate wants of Washington …. Seeing that only a minuscule numbers of voters turned out on the day of polling, the followers of Karzai and Dr. Abdullah in northern and southern Afghanistan resorted to stuffing the empty boxes with fraudulent ballots …. Our people are aware that Americans as per their habit left Dr. Abdulla, in the lurch after using him against Hamid Karzai to domesticate the latter.  They had given him fleshy promises at the outset but then left him in the middle. Still, the White House rulers will keep him as a spare in order to use him time and again for taming Karzai.

I suppose the Taliban just want to make sure that ANYONE the Afghans can vote for is a U.S. puppet.

By the way, the word “colonialism” only appeared once in this statement.


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