The Taliban Info-machine has been busy this week.  A couple of their latest bits from their Voice of Jihad English-language site.

1)  The Taliban’s statement on the hunger strike apparently under way at Sarpoza prison in Kandahar (PDF at non-terrorist site here) has an interesting passage:

There are hundreds of prisons in Afghanistan formed by the foreign invading forces in Afghanistan, the PRTs, (the Provincial Reconstruction Teams), a wing of the special forces of Pentagon guised as civilian reconstruction teams who have their own prisons and interrogation cells in all provinces of Afghanistan.

The bit in red reinforces messaging in a previous statement bashing treatment of all prisoners across Afghanistan.

Also, the statement has this whopper:

It is a pity that the human right organizations at world level have not taken any notice of the human right violations taking place in prisons of Afghanistan.

I guess the audience who’s reading this has missed this, this and this (to show only a few recent bashes of the system spotted via Google).

2)  The Taliban are taking advantage of older media coverage of how ISAF forces have had to fight more than once for certain chunks of territory.  A statement on the situation in Helmand (PDF at non-terrorist site here) paints an interesting picture of how the Taliban allegedly sucked ISAF into bad positions, with the media ignoring the bad news:

According to a tactical plan worked out by Mujahideen, they (Mujahideen) retreated from certain areas to encourage the enemy forces enter these areas where they were soft targets for the Mujahideen. When the enemy soldiers scattered in the far-flung areas, they were trapped, increasing their casualties with each passing day. Simultaneously, the tempo of the Western media fanfare about this campaign tapered down because they were not ready to report the high fatality that their soldiers were suffering at the hand of the Mujahideen every day. To many, it may be still a mystery that why the western media is tightlipped about the Helmand. However, the British and American soldiers based in Helmand know the answer to this question who see their daily casualties with their own eyes.

Perhaps playing on recent media coverage of U.K. officials saying they want Afghan forces to start taking care of security in parts of Helmand soon?

The Helmand statement closes with both another flash of the nationalist messaging stream, and a revisit of the Soviet legacy (highlights mine):

The defeat of the invading foreign forces proves that the military approach chosen by the invaders as a strategy is not paying off. They will have to ponder over other options like withdrawal from Afghanistan and granting the Afghans their natural rights of independence and formation of an Islamic government of their choice. Otherwise, their economy and society will bleed like the former Soviet Union which disintegrated after occupying Afghanistan for ten years.

Keep enjoying the lies!

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