WHAT’S CANADA BUYING? More on Big Buildings for KAF

There’s more info coming out about Canada’s search for someone to build ~$5.7 million worth of new infrastructure at Kandahar Air Field from the Sun Media chain (PDF of article here if link doesn’t work):

DND spokesman Maj. Jason Porteous said current storage and maintenance facilities are in rough shape. The project calls for a new 3,608-sq- metre building with a 26-bay workshop, wash bay, shelters, office space and land communication and information systems storage.


“It’s a project we’ve had on the books for a while. There’s a long lead time to get these going,” he said.

Despite Canada’s 2011 scheduled end date for the mission, Porteous said the project is still worth proceeding. It will also serve as a spot to prepare Canadian military vehicles for their return home.

So, we’re spending almost $6M for buildings we’ll be able to use for a bit before we leave?

I can’t fault the folks making the cogs of the system work – if it’s been in the works for a while, and it took this long to start the tender ball rolling, can’t blame those working the day-to-day levers of government.

Shows you what can happen, though, when the left hand is working on tasks long in the works, and the right hand isn’t saying anything about what’s going to happen down the road.

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