Tidbits from Both Sides of the Fight


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The Tailban Info-machine is in overdrive when it comes to issuing statements and op-ed pieces.  The latest (Voice of Jihad English here – albeit a bit slow loading – and PDF at non-terrorist site here) seems to cover old message threads, with some reference to recent events. Here’s a quick haiku summary:

Bad Blackwater folks,

Bombing crowded market squares.

NATO shoots from schools.

The Blackwater mention appears to come from other events in the neighbourhood, with the Taliban borrowing the “PMCs are bad” meme from their Pakistani colleagues:

Recently, they are resorting to some other devilish tactics, like detonating bombs and mines in congested places where common people are shopping. This is a heinous effort by CIA-related agencies like Black Water in order to create hatred among the common people against Mujahideen. Black Water was renamed Xe after its flagrant human rights violations in Iraq.

Enjoy the lies!


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17 November 09 at 5:30

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