TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: More Child Soldiers, Lies about Canadian Casualties

Just spotted this on the Taliban’s web page (links to Arabic, official English, Google translation of Arabic and PDF of all three at non-terrorist site):

(Official English) 14 year old boy kills U.S Marine with scythe
Wednesday, 25 November 2009 05:06 BY Zabihullah Mujahid
NANGRAHAR, Nov. 24 – A fourteen-year old boy, Qari Muhammad Zarif, killed an American soldier with a scythe on Nov. 24, hereabout Mumlah area of the Kugyano district. As a matter of fact, it is not the first time that a boy of this age has carried out such an act of bravery out of true Islamic feelings, nearly 4 years ago a boy of ten, Shaheed Abdul Karim, had killed a Canadian marine with an ax in Bakhto area of the Shawlikoot district in Nangrahar (sic.) Furthermore, last year, a boy of the same age, Abdullah, threw petrol at a U.S. marine who was burned to death.

(Google English from Arabic) Old boy, fourteen-year-old killed an American soldier
Zabihollah / Mujahid
Reported by Hafiz / Mohammad Zarif, who from fourteen-year-old on Tuesday afternoon (2009-11-24) killing a U.S. soldier in the “boring” state Department Koggiono Nangarhar, when beaten by machete. Says people of the region: the boy after the attack, managed to escape from the scene. It should be mentioned that this is not the first time that the boys of this country to kill soldiers, the occupiers as a result Ahsasathm Afghan Islamic and then, he had four years old boy of ten years (martyr / Abdel Karim) strike the neck of a Canadian officer by an ax, and murdered the people in the region, “Baxto “Shah Wali Kot Department of Kandahar province. He also last year, another boy named Abdullah Meond in the province of Kandahar province, also sprayed oil on the U.S. troops and passion for the fire and burnt the American soldier died on the spot.

A couple of points for the Taliban Info-Machine.

Your official English version says the “Canadian marine” was attacked in Nagarhar province. Nope, it was Kandahar, as you can see from your Arabic version.

Your child soldier did NOT kill Trevor Greene – he and his family have had to work hard, but he’s come a  LOOOOONG way since the axe attack in 2006 – more on that from the Globe & Mail here and here:

His voice is raspy, the words come slowly. Trevor Greene says it is because he no longer has the reflex to breathe before he speaks, so he has to remind himself constantly to take in air while he talks.

Yet that he speaks at all, let alone in front of large crowds, as he did in Toronto this week, defies the grim prognosis that doctors described to his fiancée, Debbie Lepore, when he was in a coma after suffering a horrific brain injury almost four years ago. One physician told her to put him in a long-term-care home. She told herself, “They didn’t know Trevor.” She was right.

The 44-year-old harnessed his willpower to the latest neuroscience, to build new pathways to get signals from his brain to his muscles so he could move and talk again.

He can talk, type, sit up and stand. He vows he is going to walk down the aisle at his July 24 wedding. Ms. Lepore said she doesn’t expect that dramatic an entrance. “I’ll be happy if he takes one step.”

Well done, Trevor Greene!

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