Mission Messaging Mambo: CDS Says It’s ALL Over Post-2011

This, via the National Post and Reuters, from Chief of Defence Staff Walt Natynczyk on Canada’s post-2011 mission:

“For the Canadian Forces to meet the direction of the government to be out of Kandahar by December 2011, we must begin our planning now …. It is the end of the presence of Canadian Forces in Kandahar province and it is the end of the military mission throughout Afghanistan ….  If PRT remain it will still be a team of civilian officials.”

Best quote from Natynczyk:

“We live on fact and we live on orders.”

Compare this clarity with recent statements like:

“We will want to have some Parliamentary input but I don’t sense a desire on the part of any party to extend the military mission.” (PM, 28 Nov 09)

“You can do training in training facilities …. And when I say training, I mean Canadian soldiers will not be doing combat training of Afghan soldiers in harm’s way.“ (PM spokesperson to CBC, 10 Oct 09)

“The military mission is changing. It is obviously transitioning at 2011 to emphasis on reconstruction, development, things that we are doing now but we’ll be able to do more.” (Defence Mininster, 13 Nov 09)

Well, barring anything more definite from politicians, I’m still with my “no soldiers left except at the embassy” read of the tea leaves.

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