Loadsa Dough Going into Kandahar Air Field Infrastructure

It appears Canada’s not alone in pumping infrastructure money into Kandahar Air Field (more on our work here, here and here) – this from Nathan Hodge over at the Danger Room blog:

Southern Afghanistan is the initial focus of the military’s rapid, six-month troop buildup. And in recent months, Kandahar Airfield, the main logistics hub in southern Afghanistan, has seen a massive upgrade that will help accommodate the surge.

In response to a query from Danger Room, the International Security Assistance Force provided figures on new investments in Kandahar Airfield and the adjoining base. All told, NATO has authorized EUR 343 million — that’s around $500 million — in common funding for the upgrade or construction of new facilities at Kandahar Airfield. Improvements include new runways, a control tower, buildings for NATO command elements as well as expansion of the base power system.

“These works are not directly related to the plus-up but clearly have benefit,” said Capt. R.J.M. Hermkens of the Royal Netherlands Army, in an e-mail ….

More from Nathan here.

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