TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: Taliban Using PayPal to Raise Funds

Update (1): But is is REALLY a Taliban web site?

Update (2): It looks official, folks!

Update (3): Now, even the Taliban says they’re not fundraising online. (More at Long War Journal’s Threat Matrix)

Well, the English-language Voice of Jihad site seems to be down at this address – I’ll share the new one once I find it.

In my hunt, though, I ran across this version of the Voice of Jihad page, in Arabic (GoogleEnglish translation here, PDF at non-terrorist site here) with only a slight difference in the address (alemrah.info, instead of alemarah.info – note the extra “a” in the second version, which brings you to the Arabic news site).  The fundraising site URL seems to be registered with a company in Westchester, California (WHOIS results – PDF of results here).

Here’s what it looks like:

and here’s the Google Translation of the page contents

Statement Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the site to donate

In the name of God the Merciful

We apologize for the confusion about this new site

It continued an official site of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – Taliban and there is a direct link to him, Li G Emirate’s location


The purpose of this new site is to collect contributions to the Emirate and we hope you support

May Allah reward you for your efforts

Dr. Mujahid called

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

(And fight them until persecution is no more and religion is God )

Clicking on the PayPal button at the bottom of the page brings you to the PayPal page, with the payment going to a person or organization “Fida” (that’s what would show up on your account).  The e-mail address on the PayPal(alemarah1@hotmail.com) is not the same as the webmaster’s e-mail address seen on the usual Voice of Jihad pages (alemarah1@gmail.com).

It also appears all major credit cards are accepted as well.


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