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Canada’s Civilian Spy Planes May Not Be Around Long in Afghanistan

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First, we find out Canada is fixing up light planes to do all sorts of electronic reconnaisance work over Afghanistan as part of the bigger job of spotting/dealing with IEDs.

In the latest update in the Ottawa Citizen, I dee something that causes me to think the planes, which could be in theatre by this coming summer, may not be around long (highlights mine):

…. Defence Department spokeswoman Lynne Rattray noted that it made more sense to use contract pilots. “The aircraft will be flown by civilian contractors, who would be employed on a dedicated basis, as it is more efficient than training and diverting CF pilots to this short-term task,” Ms. Rattray said.

Does this mean they’re only going to re-fit these planes and use them with civilian contractors for about a year? Even though it could be a good idea to continue it beyond Canada’s military presence in Afghanistan?


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  1. […] There’s evidence Canada got some privatized ISTAR help in Afghanistan for someone there as well — more from the blog on this here, here and here. […]

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