What did the Liberals Know About Detainee Abuse?

In blogging circles, they say “write what you know best, and link the rest”.  I couldn’t have put it better than these guys when it comes to the whole “who knew what?” fracas over treatment of detainees in Afghanistan:

Mark Collins at The Torch Facts: The previous Liberal government and Afghan detainees

Terry Glavin at Chronicles & DissentAfghan Detainee Abuse: On Their Watch, The Liberals Knew

One keen-eyed reporter, David Akin, spotted a piece in the French-language media in 2007 on what the Liberals knew then.  As sometimes happens to old media articles online, the link to the April 2007 piece no longer works.  Thank heavens, then, for:

1)  Archive.org – check here, and

2) the ability to save such things in PDF format here.

Good work, Mark, Terry & David – I look forward to more media asking the Liberals questions about what they knew, and did.

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