TALIBAN PROPAGANDA WATCH: How Different is the Taliban, Really, from What it Hates?

Just spotted this from the Taliban Info-machine (PDF at non-terrorist site here).  The Taliban is accusing the West of all sorts of things, but it’s interesting to see what they pick on.  First sentence, for example:

The imperialist and colonialist powers, as their official policy, kill scientist, professionals and eminent literary and social figures of the Islamic Ummah.

Pardon?  I may have missed the memo, but I can’t remember any recent “intellectual cleansing” being carried out by ISAF.  The Taliban, on the other hand, aren’t hesitant about killing educated (or wanna be educated) folks, or even professionals for dress code violations.

After a bash at “uneducated, ignorant and unaware stooges” working for the Karzai regime or ISAF, there’s a call to honour:

Imperialism encourages a negative competition among people for wealth and social statues to. During such competition, the competitors often do not think about their honor, culture, history and religion which is the very aim of colonialism because in such atmosphere, they can easily employ citizens of an occupied country to work for the objectives of colonialism. At the same time, colonialism spreads racial biases and differences in the society. This makes it possible for the colonialist powers to play some ethnicity groups against another and thus ensures its rule over the occupied society.

This appears to be cementing the “the Taliban is the only group looking after the honour of Afghanistan” message track.

Following up on the protection of Afghan culture and honour, there’s a lot of messaging regarding the crusade angle, with specific accusations of ISAF troops working with missionaries to convert Afghans, reminding us of the kidnapping of 20+ Korean missionaries in Afghanistan in 2007.  They were released, but two were killed before that happened.

Colonialist powers send their religious groups, in this case, Christian missionaries to the occupied societies like Iraq and Afghanistan to convert Muslims to Christianity because they believe that the converted people honestly work for their political, economic and religious goals.

Currently, both troops and Christian missionaries operate side by side in Afghanistan. They have opened offices in the country to Christianize Afghans. Some NGOs are also encouraging them to convert young Afghans. They give them Bibles and promise them citizenship in Europe and America.

(A quick aside:  This is why I agree with those saying that even covert inscription of bible passages on rifle optics is a BAD thing to do – just feeds into more of the above.)

This bit is intriguing:

They have rented houses in Kabul, apparently under the name of schools for students– some of them for students of Helmand province.. They pay the money indirectly via some officials of Helmand province like Amir Shir Mohammad, ex-governor of Helmand province who has a leading rule in renting the houses. The missionaries arouse the students against the current Islamic Jihad and invite them to Christianity. No one is allowed to know about which that is actually happening inside the compounds of these schools. Local agents encourage students to get themselves enrolled in these schools. They blame Taliban for all the anarchy, the country is passing through and support American invasion of Afghanistan. Here, we see that how innocent students are misused for politically-motivated goals of the American colonialism.

Hmmm, where have we heard of secret schools misusing students for political ends?

“Pakistan’s madrassa students – the next wave of sucide bombers?”

“Madrassa helped graduate Mullah Omar when the Taliban leader needed reinforcements”

“Pakistan’s “Universities of Jihad” “

They say what we hate in others is really what we hate in ourselves.  Has the Taliban been reading psychology texts lately?

Enjoy the lies!

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