Talkin’ to the Taliban: Groups FINALLY Call for Rights Protections

With all the back and forth about reconciliation, reintegration, playing nice with the Taliban who want to play nice, NOW we’re hearing from people who remember how the Taliban conducted business when they were the winning team (emphasis mine):

“Any discussions with the Taleban must include clear commitments that they will respect and promote the rights of the Afghan people,” said Sam Zarifi, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific director.  “The Taleban established a terrible record of violating human rights during their rule and they have done nothing since then to indicate they will act differently if they return to power. (Amnesty International, 26 Jan 10)

Groups representing Afghan women warned the international community on Wednesday against pursuing a peace deal with the Taliban, fearing a return to the austere Islamist rule that saw women banned from education and work ….  “I have great fears, and I am greatly confused,” Homa Sabri, national officer-in-charge for UNIFEM Afghanistan, the U.N.’s women’s fund, told Reuters.  “2001 was a very clear signal that there is no more room for conservative elements to rule in Afghanistan,” she said.  She questioned how the international community could now regard dealing with these elements as acceptable, and how it could guarantee peaceful integration in a future government …. (Reuters, 27 Jan 10)

Good to see someone finally saying it out loud AND seeing MSM listening and writing about it.   I won’t go quite as far as Mark does over at The Torch, but he’s got the right idea.

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