Taliban’s Collateral Damage Policy Revealed

There’s people out there complaining about NATO compensation for civilian casualties.

We know who’s causing most of the civilian casualties.  How’s their compensation policies?

Here’s what one of the two main Taliban spokespersons, Qari Yusuf Ahmadi, had to say following the 22 Jan 10 attack in Helmand’s capital Lashkar Gah where at least one civilian was killed:

“We are continuing our jihad against the infidels,” he said. “We have to choose a way that we think will succeed. Government officials lie. Our attack in Kabul killed dozens of government and foreign forces. We conducted a successful operation in Lashkar Gah and showed our power.”

The Taleban spokesman said that civilian casualties were a price to be paid for jihad.

“We have the right to drive the infidels out of the country in disgrace,” he said. “We will not pay damages to the owner of the hotel, but we will pray for him so that God will consider him a partner in our jihad.”

Prayers?  Wonder how that compares to the industry standards?


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