Taliban’s Track Record Revealed (At Last)

Spotted this blog post this week about how women’s groups are in an uproar over the prospect of potential negotiations with the Taliban and bringing them into the Afghan tent politically.

“If there is a peace jirga or talks at the regional level, we want women’s participation,” (Mary) Akrami (the founder of an organization that assists poor women and girls) said. “We want no compromises on the constitution and women’s rights.”

Kudos for bringing more attention to the issue of the Taliban’s track record.

It would have been nice, though, to have seen this sort of material from analysts and bloggers sooner.  It’s not as if there wasn’t grist for the mill:

Human Rights Group Says Taliban “Deplorable”

ICRC visits Taliban prisoners

AFG Human Rights Group Bashes Taliban (on the report MSM didn’t bother to cover, even when under their noses)

More Female Victims of the Taliban

Better late than never, I suppose.


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