NOTE: This material is from web pages and forums carrying statements attributed to the Taliban, Taliban spokespersons or supporters of the Taliban, or analysis thereof. Posting of this material neither confirms nor endorses any of its content – it is shared for information only. When material translated into English is not available, Google Translate is used to translate the original  – this is only a machine translation, NOT an official one.

Bombings in Kandahar kill 5 local and foreign soldiers PDF at non-terrorist site

Thursday, 18 February 2010 14:16 By Qari Yusouf Ahmadi
KANDAHAR, Feb. 18 – A blast Wednesday killed 3 foreign soldiers, likely to have been Canadians, in Kandahar Zhari district. According to the report, their military convoy of tanks was traveling near the center of Zhari district as the lead tank struck one of the planted mines that left the tank wrecked and killed the soldiers. In another incident, on a landmine set off killing two soldiers of Afghan army while the soldiers were trying to demine the bomb in Kolak area of Zhari, on Wednesday.

Mujahideen kill 9 Americans, injure 7 near Marjah

Thursday, 18 February 2010 06:31 By Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
HELMAND, Feb. 18 – Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate killed 9 U.S.soldiers and injured seven others separately in Nad Ali district of Helmand, on Wednesday. As per detail, 3 Americans were killed in an ambush attack in Nari Mandah area of Nad Ali while the U.S soldiers were on their way to one of their out posts, on later Wednesday morning.  Also on Wednesday, 6 Americans were killed and 7 injured as they came under a surprise attack by Mujahideen on Kwaz Ku road between Marjah and Nad Ali district. One the other hand, these fatalities come as the U.S-led coalition troops have been caught in six points of Marjah where they have been surrounded by the Mujahideen for the past few days and the coalition soldiers who had been dropped off by the helicopters in different parts of Marjah have been under attacks whose advances have been pushed back by the Mujahideen. The U.S-led coalition troops have not been able to gain control of Marjah Bazar yet and they have kept meeting with strong resistance from Mujahideen, said a coalition commander.

Aged woman kills 3 Americans in Marjah, wounds one

Thursday, 18 February 2010 07:25 By Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
HELMAND, Feb. 18 – A brave elderly women out of high Islamic spirits killed three U.S soldiers besides wounding one in Lui Char Rahi area of Marjah, in Nad Ali district of Helmand province, on Tuesday. According to the details, the old woman known as Bedu Amah, picks up the Kalashnikov rifle when she sees some U.S soldiers leaning against the wall of her compound and immediately opens firing at the soldiers, emptying out the entire magazine into the them that ends up killing 3 U.S soldiers and injuring another. The elderly woman embraced martyrdom when she was shot dead by the U.S soldiers soon after the incident. Likewise, a brave civilian killed 2 American soldiers and injured one the other day in Kunduz city. Furthermore, 7 Britons, whose death was confirmed by the British military as wll, was killed a Afghan soldiers named Gul Buddin in Helamd’s Nad Ali district a couple of days ago.

19 Americans killed, 4 tanks destroyed in Marjah

Thursday, 18 February 2010 11:10 By Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
HELMAND, Feb. 18 – The U.S soldiers, who were dropped by the helicopters in Marjah and have been surrounded by the Mujhieen for the last few days, came under Mujhideen’s another attack in Lui Char Rahi, near Marjah Bazaar, on Wednesday. According to the report from Helmand province, the attack promoted a face-to-face combat continuing for about 2 hours, in the mean time, a group of American soldiers, during the fighting, managed to run away in order to call up for reinforcements when they encountered a landmine in the area. Nineteen U.S soldiers were killed in both Mujahideen’s attack and bombing on Wednesday, the report added. Also Wednesday, two of the U.S tank were eliminated in Karu Char Rahi of Marjah, the former tank,while trying to make its way further into Marjah, was hit by the RPG’s, the latter was struck by a roadside bomb blast, killing a dozen Americans inside both tanks. Similarly, 2 of the U.S tanks were struck by landmine blasts on Wednesday evening in Sistani desert in outskirt of Marjah, killing all the Americans on board.

Five Americans, 7 Afghan soldiers killed in Marjah, 8 U.S soldiers injured

Thursday, 18 February 2010 16:55 By Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
HELMAND, Feb. 18 – Mujhideen of the Islamic Emirate, during an encounter, killed 4 U.S. soldiers and wounded seven others near Marjah, Nad Ali district of Helmand, on Thursday. The report states the joint U.S-Afghan troops were trying to advance into Marjah as the battle erupted in Baluch Khan area between Marjah and Nad Ali, following an attack by Mujahideen, in which the the coalition and Afghan troops were repelled. In another incident, a landmine blast ripped into a vehicle of Afghan army in Namru located in Bolan area of Nad Ali, killing 7 Afghan soldiers on Thursday. Also on Thursday, elsewhere in Helmand two consecutive blasts targeted a U.S tank and a group of U.S soldiers in Group-e-Shah area of Nad Ali, killing an American and wounding another, besides destroying the U.S tank completely. However, it has been an entire week since the U.S-led coalition and Afghan troops have launched their major operation in Helmand, while they have not advanced a kilometer into Marjah yet, that is, gaining control of Helmand is a mere pipe dream of the American military and its allies, who are preposterously claiming to have the land of Afghans cleared of Afghans, on the other way round, little do they know that it is “them” the unwelcomed intruders, brazen invaders to be cleared out of Afghan land.

38 Americans and Britons killed, 11 U.S soldiers injured with 7 tanks eliminated in Marjah

Thursday, 18 February 2010 18:43 By Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
HELMAND, Feb. 18 – About thirty eight Americans and Britons have been killed as well as eleven U.S soldiers wounded through much of Thursday in Marjah, Nad Ali district. According to the details, 6 tanks of the U.S-led coalition forces were hit by roadside bombings separately in Yazdah, Shor Shorak, Sefen, Gudamunah, and Camp areas of Marjah, while the seventh tank was targeted by missile strike in Bazgaru village in Marjah. The report adds all the seven tanks were destroyed in the bombings, killing at least 30 Americans and Briton who were inside the tanks. Separately, About 6 U.S soldiers were killed and 4 others injured in the blasts tearing through some groups of U.S foot soldiers in Lui Char Rahi, Kalifah Ahmad Shah Char Rahi and in Block Now ares of Marjah, on Thursday. Also on Thursday, the U.S-led coalition forces suffered deadly losses in the face-to-face fighting with the Mujahideen in Sefen area of Marjah. Likewise, on later Thursday afternoon, Mujahideen killed 2 U.S soldiers and wounded 4 during an ambush attack in Sayedabad area of Nad Ali, while the Mujahideen, by the virtue of Allah’s mercy and bounty, have suffered no losses during the attack. However, 3 children were and 2 women of the civilians were martyred in the U.S blind airstrikes during the Thursday’s battles but the Mujahideen were not harmed in the U.S aerial attacks.

“Together” Operations of the Common Enemy Under Crushing blows of Mujahideen

According to authenticated reports from the Jihad and honor-loving land of Helmand, with a special help of Allah, the Almighty, the enemy is under crushing blows of Mujahideen. This is despite the accumulation of all kinds of warfare hardware and aerial and ground forces by the invading enemy.

Mujahideen incessantly attack and ambush them, which have stunned the colonialist enemy. On the basis of the data received here, the enemy have lost dozens of their soldiers– both foreign and domestic. Similarly, 15 tanks and military vehicles of the enemy have been destroyed.

If we ponder over the capability of the two sides from the angle of sophisticated military hardware and numerical advantage, we see ,on the one side, roughly 1000 straightforward Mujahideen armed with PK machine guns and rocket-propelled launchers, neither they have surveillance and reconnaissance planes, nor bomber helicopters, B52 planes, phosphorus bombs and other lethal chemical weapons at their disposal, the Western media and the local media which have sold out themselves for American dollars are against them; nor the Mujahideen have the United Nations and the human rights organizations on their sides which blindly give legal clout to every legitimate and illegitimate demands and act of the invaders. But, despite all that, these ill-equipped and undermanned small group of men who have ardent attachment with the cause of Allah, the Almighty, have the upper hand over the enemy that have the sophisticated military hardware and are armed to the teeth and that, only for the battle of Marjah, gathered 15,000 soldiers. In addition to this, they have the support of 40 countries of the world. Still the Mujahideen put them backed into the corner.

The world is witnessing that the spinal cord of America has been broken up because of the current Jihad of the Afghan people.

The Western media admit that thousands of well-nourished American and NATO soldiers who violently cry at the time of their injury and dying, have been killed as a result of the war. Their economy has faced meltdown and disgrace is hastily becoming their fate. They have not been able to suppress or eliminate the Jihadic movement in Afghanistan despite the passage of eight years during which they resorted to every kind of brutal bombardment, destruction, tortures and all devilish tactics. Even they could not block the way of advancement of the Mujahideen.

It is a reality that the so-called Super Power has devilish ambitions, strength and capability but the Mujahideen have the help of Allah (SwT). The enemy have launched 15 operations in the heroic land of Helmand in the past 9 years, let alone other small and sporadic operations conducted by the invaders.

Every time when they launch operations, they make such a tremendous preparations as if they were going to war with a country. Moreover, they always launch propaganda stunt prior to such operations. But praise be to Allah, the almighty, no one can show us any vast area or a district in Helmand province as a proof which substantiates that the enemy writ has been established there permananently.

Helmand holds a message to the common enemy who have launched the operations “ together” that you have not been able to subjugate the people of Helmand during the past nine years, depsite your vast operations and bestialities. Now it is not possible for you to have any gain or advancement in Helmand or any other part of the country—still more in a time that the American, British and their allies’ tactics have faced a complete fiasco in the country and the strongholds of Jihad have already expanded and strengthened in every corner of Afghanistan. However, the enemy can resort to some brutalities, which they are doing right now: like blind bombardment and missile attacks, detainment of innocent people and driving them from their homes and hearths. More than that, they will not have any achievement. Nor Mc Crystal will be able to make for his shameful and historical defeat in Afghanistan by just focusing on one town of a district out of 385 districts of Afghanistan.

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