CANADA’S MISSION IN AFG: (A Few) More Answers (Finally)

From an earlier rant of mine:

…. what are the possible mission iterations?

1)  Civilian-centred humanitarian & development mission, anywhere in Afghanistan, with no Canadian military presence. This fits A & B perfectly, but means ISAF/US troops would be protecting the Canadians doing the work.

Finally, we’re hearing more about that last bit – this from CanWest:

Canada is discussing with the United States the possibility that U.S. troops could protect about 100 Canadian civilians in Kandahar when Ottawa abandons its combat mission in the province next summer.

“We have had dialogue with the U.S. about supporting our needs as we go forward,” said International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda, after a day hopscotching around Kandahar looking at Canadian aid projects and meeting with Canadian, American and Afghan officials.

“They have offered to support the ongoing efforts that we will be continuing in Kandahar. We will be talking to them as we go on.” ….

More drops from the eyedropper that is the government’s communications machine on the future mission in Afghanistan.

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