WHAT’S CANADA BUYING? CF Seeking “Pee in a Cup” Sampling, Drug Testing

From MERX:

…. The Department of National Defence (DND) has a requirement for a laboratory to provide urinalysis drug testing services. The primary purpose of all drug testing under the Canadian Forces Drug Control Program (CFDCP) is to detect any presence of prohibited drugs …. The Contractor must provide Blind Drug Testing and Safety Sensitive, Cause and Incident Related Control Drug Testing for CFDCP, in addition to Expert Testimony on an “as and when requested” basis. Testing must be conducted in accordance with the standards established in the Mandatory Guidelines for Workplace Drug Testing Programs (MGWDTP) as issued and amended from time to time by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), United States Department of Health and Human Services …. Sample collection will be conducted by CF personnel at CF units that are located throughout Canada. The majority of samples will be collected in CF units in four (4) main regions. The estimated breakdown of testing requirements per year for each region are listed below:

Land Force Atlantic Area – 3,500 tests
(Gagetown, Halifax + Area Reserve Units)

Central Area – 4,500 tests
(Petawawa, Ottawa, Kingston ,Toronto Area + Reserve Units)

Land Force Quebec Area – 3,000 tests
(Valcartier, Montreal, Bagotville + Reserve Units)

Land Force Western Area – 4,000 tests
(Edmonton, SHILO, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia +
Reserve Units)

Approximately 5% of the Point of Collection TOX cups will be returned for confirmation testing ….

More here.

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