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Mujahideen in Uruzgan overrun 2 enemy check posts


Monday, 18 October 2010 14:10 Qari Yousuf Ahmadi
URUZGAN, Oct. 18 – Cowardly puppet ANA fled 2 of their check posts after coming under Mujahideen attack at 09:00 am this morning in Darwaisahno area of Terenkot city. Similarly Mujahideen attacked ANA patrol in Niazo area of the mentioned district this afternoon. The enemy suffered fatal losses in both the attacks but the exact number is not known.

Known figureheads and the Futile Reconciliation Slogans Screen capture of full statement at Scribd.com


Monday, 18 October 2010 08:09 –

The Americans and the Kabul Puppet Administration’s rulers are of the opinion that they can deceive the Afghan people for the next one or two years under the name of composition and structure of the peace high council, with a sole purpose to boost the American occupation and weaken the resistance. In retrospect, the Americans established an entity under the name of Peace Strengthening Council some eight years ago to work in parallel with the constant and unprecedented brutality and mass murders being carried out by the invaders. The aim was to show that the Jihad against the foreign occupation was a mere rebellion or it had originated from the interference of the neighbors or was the result of personal grievances and resentments of the militants. Thus, they wanted to demonstrate that the foreign invasion of Afghanistan was a legitimate act and only the Taliban and other oppositions were behind the violence in Afghanistan. By doing so, they tried to prove that it is the Taliban that have been flaring up the flames of war.

But when the Americans reached the conclusion that the Peace Strengthening Council had failed to persuade any group of the armed Mujahideen to lay down arms and surrender, they have now resorted to another ploy under the name of Peace High Council to deceive the Afghan people. Hence, they want to show that they have a reconciliation agenda besides their war-mongering policy and continuous brutality. But in fact, they are intending to beef up the occupation through both the conduits. However, the Afghans do not give an iota of importance to all these commissions and jirgas because they know that only those figures have been selected in the so-called reconciliation councils who are already implicated in betrayal to the country and Islamic values and provocation of frictions among people during the past nine years. On the other hand, this reality is not hidden from the eyes of the people that the Americans use these figureheads only as pawns, and are not ready to give them any authority. Rather they are trying to discredit them and slur their reputation.

The reconciliation propaganda launched by the Americans and the Kabul Puppet Administration is meaningless in the light of this hard fact that how can reconciliation be materialized in condition of presence of more than one hundred thousands foreign troops , being armed with motley of weapons , aircrafts, missiles, tanks and other warfare hardware.

The rationale for reconciliation can be only convincing when, at least, the invading Americans put signature on a document before the people of Afghanistan and the world, binding them legally to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan in a given time-frame.

This is necessary because the Kabul mercenary government has signed various agreements with the Americans which allow them to keep their troops stationed in Afghanistan for tens of years.

Resentments and Sentiments of Jihad among the Emerging Afghan Generation against the Foreign Occupat(ion?)


Monday, 18 October 2010 08:11

The Americans and their anti-Islamic and anti-Afghan coalition had predicted prior to the invasion that the Afghan new generation particularly the youth will keep themselves detached from their religion and national values after the prevalence of the hackneyed western atmosphere built on nakedness. They thought that the Afghan youth will not wield an iota of Jihadic sentiments, predictably after ten years of the invasion. Their characteristic to defend their honor will most likely diminish. The secularism and opposition to religion will replace all other values. But the discretion and ordain of the Lord was otherwise. Ten years have now passed since the American invasion and during that period, they martyred more than 120,000 Afghans, and detained the same number, being shackled and in detention; They kick started about 1500 media outlets including TV networks, radio stations , journals, magazines, dailies, websites and other different setups to weaken the sentiments and passion of Jihad, honor-loving characteristic and bravery among the Afghans.

Doing so, they wanted the Afghans deviate from their religion and the Afghan values by dent of Western, Indian, imported and imposed erotic music, non-Islamic drama serials and other poisonous endeavors but praise be to the Almighty Allah, the new Afghan generation is still fraught with the love of Islam, being watered by their infatuation with Islam despite various machinations by the non-Islamic forces. They have the zeal and eagerness to wage Jihad against the invaders and foreign occupations.

According to an inclusive survey by the Cultural Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan conducted among young students of schools and universities in Logar province, 200 students out of 800 said they had had deep indignation against the foreign occupation while 600 of them openly showed readiness to take up arms against the invaders. Majority of the students were hailing from farmers and business-affiliated families. Data of the survey is now in the possession of the Cultural Commission of the Islamic Emirate and may be published for public information. The participants in the survey stressed, they wanted to destroy foreign tanks and convoys until the Americans run away from our country.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes, feelings of Jihad and patriotism is not limited to only one province of the country but youth of all provinces and parts of the country have self-same feelings and sentiments if surveyed . The invaders must know that all their conspiracies and brutalities have fallen flat and religious spirit and sentiments in the new Afghan generation have increased manifold in comparison with the past.


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