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WHAT’S CANADA BUYING? Improving Blood Testing for Diver Problems

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The MERX version:

…. The Department of National Defence, Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), Toronto ON has a requirement for the provision of Immunoinflammatory Response to Divers Laboratory Services on an “as and when requested” basis. The Contractor will be required to conduct whole genome microarray expression and serological multiplex proteomic analyses for up to 1500 experimental specimens of extracted total RNA and serum proteins from human subjects. The experiments will be conducted by DRDC, Toronto where the total RNA and serological proteins will be collected, separated and shipped to the Contractor to perform specialized transcriptomic and proteomic analysis ….

The (slightly) easier to understand version, from the Statement of Work here (PDF):

…. The primary aim of this work is to provide a rapid bio-chemical assay to aid in the early detection of decompression stress leading to decompression sickness. This microarray service will enable the Experimental Diving and Undersea Group (EDUG) and Individual Readiness Section (IRS) to screen cell-material interactions to delineate stress-induced changes in the expression levels for > 40,000 genes in the peripheral-blood transcriptome and integrative relationships between encoding gene expression and protein level expression in peripheral blood samples collected from human volunteers. The results will provide a mechanistic, biochemical understanding of how cells respond during hyperbaric decompression and other operational stressors. Together, these approaches may permit an improved capacity to assess risk, guide treatment options and target therapies against operational stressors ….

Deadline:  28 Dec 10 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time


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