News Highlights – 29 Nov 10

  • One Canadian Corproal’s promise of prayer mats for a village in Kandahar fulfilled. Well done Cpl. Wright! Try linking here if first link doesn’t work.
  • Canada will have to be cautious in how it “messages” combat troops leaving and aid money dropping to the locals“Canadian diplomats and military commanders face a delicate dance over the next few months to reassure both the people of Kandahar — and perhaps themselves — that they are still relevant and committed despite the withdrawal next July.  Swallowed up in a tide of U.S. reinforcements, the impending end of the Canadian army’s combat mission hardly registers on people in this war-racked city and maybe even less so in the rural areas of Kandahar province where local villagers have a tough time telling western soldiers apart.  If there is one thing Afghans notice, it is money.  The handover of Canadian development projects to the U.S. in tandem with the cut in aid and the stinging criticism of Prime Minister Stephen Harper about Afghan corruption has filtered down to the improverished streets of this city ….” More from the Canadian Press here.
  • More on the latest changeover of units in Afghanistan from Postmedia News here“Canada’s war in Kandahar formally entered its final phase Saturday with the transfer of command to a battle group led by 1st battalion, the Royal 22nd Regiment.  The Van Doo(s), as they’re known, and their many enablers will close out the combat mission next July.  Sometime next spring, the Canadian army will begin to shift its focus to a recently announced three-year “inside the wire” training mission at Afghan army and police academies elsewhere in the country ….”
  • More Wikileaks “document diarrhea”, this time diplomatic cables – including stuff from the U.S. embassy and consulates in Canada. I’m not going to bother looking at them because you can’t really tell anything other than what someone thought at the moment they hit “send”.  Has EVERY piece of paper been released?  If not, why not?  What’s that say about Wikileak’s source?  Are there other things that contradict or clarify earlier reports?  How do you establish any context when you get a number of snapshots and you don’t know how many photos are in the entire album?  Apart from that, people are being put at risk.  And if you don’t think this is true, this, from a Taliban mouthpiece after the Afghan stack o’ leaks from Wikileaks:  “…. Qari Yousef Ahmadi, a spokesman for the Taliban told the Daily Telegraph. “We read everything and we will read these documents.  “We will look for the names of people, but it will be a judge who decides. We won’t act unless we are 100 per cent sure. We are not just going to trust these documents, we will make our own inquiries.  “I cannot tell you what the judge will do.” ….” My guess:  no house arrest for YOU, spy!
  • Taliban Propaganda Watch Assassination of int agent in Kandahar city claimed by Taliban.

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