WHAT’S CANADA BUYING? Training near Area 51 and Mannequins

Close quarter battle/airborne/recce practice zone, desert+urban, for ~150 folks (even if it IS near Area 51)

“…. Vendor Name and Address:  MATRIX INTERNATIONAL SECURITY, TRAINING, & INTELLIGENCE CENTER, 122 WILL ROGERS RD. BLDG. 1166, ROSWELL New Mexico, United States, 88203.  Nature of Requirements:  SIMULATION TRAINING FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE …. REQUIREMENT:  The Department of National Defence (DND) requires a training centre that encompasses ground live-fire and simulation training areas offering the possibility of conducting Direct Action, Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Airmobile and Airborne operations in an arid, complex terrain construct and urban terrain simultaneously. The training centre shall also offer live fire static ranges (short and long distance), Close Quarter Battle (CQB) ranges, Dud producing ammunition ranges, Contact ranges, Live fire driving ranges and Live fire village-like compounds.  The training centre shall be available for the training exercise in January 2011 for approximately 150 personnel. The facility shall offer accommodations, logistical support services and training support when required ….”

Buying mannequins as targets…..

“…. The Department of National DEFENCE (DND) has a requirement for a quantity of 4000 Mannequin Targets (NSN: 6920-01-449-7224) …. Government Contracts Regulations Exception and Limited Tendering Reason:  The sole source justification is based on the absence of competition for technical reasons and the goods can only be supplied by the proposed contractor and no alternative or substitute exists …. Proposed Contractor:  Lockheed Martin Canada Inc., 3001 Solandt Road, Kanata, Ontario, K2K 2M8, Canada ….”

…. and seeking mannequins as simulators

“…. The Department of National DEFENCE has a requirement for the supply of eight ( 8 ) Human Mannequin Simulators …. for delivery to Petawawa, Ontario with user training for up to six (6) persons. The requirement also includes an irrevocable option to purchase up to thirty (30) additional quantities and optional items within five (5) years after contract award. The delivery must be on or before 31st March 2011.  Delivery Date: 01/12/2010 ….”

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