News Highlights – 18 Dec 10

  • Remember the Toronto 18 terrorists? Some of the cases have wrapped up appeals at the Ontario Court of Appeal, and guess what?  MORE TIME FOR YOU (and you with the life sentence, keep it)! More in news releases here and here – more from mainstream media here, here, here and here.
  • Also, remember this guy, getting on the plane in Hong Kong looking like an old man and getting off the plane in Vancouver looking like a young Chinese man? It seems participants on jihadi online forums are talking about his stunt“The young Chinese asylum seeker who boarded a plane for Canada disguised as an elderly white man has drawn the attention of visitors to an extremist Islamist website, who have praised the elaborate plan as a potential tactic. Shumukh al-Islam, an al-Qaida affiliated website meaning Islamic Honour, has an ongoing Arabic-language discussion on the young man’s entry into Canada that cites the details of his arrival here. A forum on the site praised the idea as a tool for so-called “holy warriors.” “This is a great idea that can benefit the mujahedeen,” one member, with the name Attique of the North, wrote shortly after the discussion began on Shumukh al-Islam last Tuesday. “Truly this will benefit the mujahedeen,” another anonymous person wrote ….”
  • Remember the mayor of Kandahar City being underwhelmed about how Western (including Canadian) aid money was being spent? Lots of interesting discussion of that story here at – well worth a look.
  • Some CF-generated copy of what the troops are up to in Afghanistan (1)“In June 2009, in anticipation of the up-coming Afghan presidential election, Task Force Kandahar (TFK) was tasked to converge on Salavat, a village near Nakhoney in Panjwa’i District, to disrupt a key insurgent staging area. The two-day operation, called CONSTRICTOR, involved the entire 2nd Battalion Royal 22e Régiment Battle Group and close to 200 Afghan soldiers and police. By its end, Salavat had yielded up close to 80 kg of explosives, emplaced IEDs and shell casings, plus night letters, pieces of uniform clothing, and some weapons old enough to be museum pieces — all typical signs of insurgent presence ….”
  • Some CF-generated copy of what the troops are up to in Afghanistan (2)“By the end of 2010, the Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC) Company in Task Force Kandahar is expected to reach a major milestone: the completion of more than 500 development and reconstruction projects that will make an immediate positive impact on local Afghans. “Five hundred completed projects is unprecedented, and a great accomplishment for TFK CIMIC personnel. To be able to accomplish so much in such a short time and within this environment, is something I did not think was possible, but through the hard work of our personnel and our partners, we did it,” said Major William Carrie Riddell, the officer commanding TFK CIMIC Company on Roto 9 ….”

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