News Highlights – 30 Jan 11

  • Another reminder that even working in Kabul is not without risk“Two Canadians were among 15 people injured in a deadly suicide blast that ripped through an upscale Afghan supermarket on Friday, the Department of Foreign Affairs said. No Canadians numbered among the eight victims killed when a suicide bomber affiliated with the Taliban detonated explosives in the middle of the Western-style grocery store …. The Finest supermarket — which sells such American staples as corn flakes, peanut butter and pasta sauce but also delicacies like brie, caviar and chocolate — was packed with foreigners and upper-class Afghans shopping on their day off when shots rang out about 2:30 p.m., sending customers scurrying for cover. The assailant threw at least one grenade into the aisles and then detonated his explosives, said Ahmad Zaki, a criminal investigator with the Afghan Interior Ministry. “To my left, I heard a gunshot. A bomb went off. Everyone was running to the back of the building,” said Mary Hayden, a Western consultant who was in the store. The blast blew out the store’s glass doors and sparked a small fire in the frozen food section. Black, acrid smoke filled the main floor of the two-storey building. Young men who sell phone cards on the street outside the store rushed in to help pull out the injured and the dead ….” Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister denounces the blast here.
  • Taliban Propaganda Watch Contractor for Canadians allegedly assassinated in Kandahar, and Taliban claims responsiblity for assassinating Kandahar deputy governor.
  • First, the unpleasantness in Tunisia.  Next, some fracas in Egypt.  Foreign Affairs Canada is now warning you to be careful about traveling to Egypt.
  • Idea:  give wounded warriors Segways to help them get around easierAnswer already being tried in Canada – more on that here and here.

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