News Highlights – 6 Feb 11

  • Egypt Watch:  Protests in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, et al) call for Mubarak to GTFO.
  • Where Else is the CF Working? “The school serving the families of Sierra Leone’s largest military base has been substantially renovated under a project financed, launched and managed by Task Force Freetown, the Canadian contingent of the International Military Advisory and Training Team (IMATT). At the grand re-opening of Wilberforce Army Municipal School on 16 December 2010, task force commander Lieutenant-Colonel Steven Carr addressed an enthusiastic crowd of children, parents and teachers who loudly expressed sincere appreciation ….” More on the CF’s work in Sierra Leone on Operation Sculpture here.
  • Where Else is the CF (Still) Working? “Since 2006, Cyprus has welcomed Canadian Forces members on their way home from Afghanistan for the short break known as “third location decompression.” In November 2010, when Camp Mirage closed, the island also became the home of a Strategic Line of Communication Detachment (SLOC Det) deployed by Canadian Operational Support Command to provide a staging point for equipment and personnel en route to and from Afghanistan. These are only the most recent Canadian Forces arrivals in Cyprus. The CF actually has a long history on the island. From March 1964 to September 1993, Canada deployed one of the major contributors of troops to the United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) ….” More on Canada’s mission in Cyprus on Operation Snowgoose here.
  • More calls for Canada to get more involved in Africa. “The political volcano erupting in Africa continues to make headlines around the globe. In media terminology, it is the perfect time to say all roads lead to Africa, or better still, all eyes on Africa.  While Ottawa has not been as vocal as the United States, this silence cannot be indefinite for several reasons.  First, the current situation in Africa presents Canada with a golden opportunity to showcase the values that make it distinct among nations and upon which its civilization is based …. Second, the presence of a large African population in Canada with fresh roots back home means Ottawa owes an explanation to a people on its doorsteps …. Third, the current instability in North Africa constitutes a severe security threat not only to the United States but to Canada as well ….”
  • Taliban Propaganda Watch:  Attacks claimed across Kandahar, Uruzgan and an alleged shoot-down of a helicopter near Kabul.

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