Taliban alleges “Canadian national” captured in Ghazni?

NOTE:  As of this post, there’s been no mainstream media confirmation of this incident.  I first spotted this when ISAF public affairs shared this via Twitter post ~0730E/1230UTC.  The ISAF Twitter post links to this from Iranian media , which has had some…. reliability issues in the past).

This from the Taliban’s web site (usual caveats about clicking on the link):

Mackenzie Rutherford Colin, a Canadian national, living in 166 Street, Toronto City, Canada has gotten captured in Ghazni City, the capital of the province of the same name.  He has been involved in some clandestine activities to get some fugitive information especially to learn about whereabouts of the Mujahideen, according to the admission of suspect.  Mujahideen gotten some documents out of the suspect describing him as a secrete agent.

You can click here to see a screen capture of the statement at a non-terrorist site (Scribd.com).

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