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RC South attack claims, excerpted from Voice of Jihad English-language web page, accessed 22 Jun 11 – Screen capture of full statement at Scribd.com here

6 minions killed in Ma’ruf ambush
KANDAHAR, June. 22 – Mujahideen exchanged fire with cowardly police for 2 hours in Mihrab village of Ma’ruf district after ambushing their patrol at 10:00 am during which 6 puppets were killed, the corpses of whom were lying at the battle scene till end of the day.

US tank taken out by canon fire, 4 invaders killed and wounded
KANDAHAR, June. 20 – Mujahideen if Pashmool’s Mullayano village of Zhiri district shot and destroyed a US tank with 82mm canon round late yesterday afternoon time after it came out of its check post. A few moments later, 4 more US invaders were killed and wounded when Mujahideen carried out an armed attack on the enemy foot patrol in Sanghisar area.

2 invaders killed in 1 hour firefight
KANDAHAR, June. 20 – Mujahideen from Maiwand district report that they exchanged fire with US invaders in Azeem Karez area for about an hour during which 2 invaders were killed and their puppet translator fatally wounded.
Similarly, a firefight also took place against the invaders in the mentioned district’s Sher Ali Karez area however there are no confirmed reports about the number of enemy casualties.

Local police commander shot dead in Kandahar city
KANDAHAR, June. 22 – A local police commander from Arghandab’s Khwaja Malak area Faizullah was shot dead by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate at 07:00 am this morning in a guerilla attack nar Sra Jama (Red Mosque) area of Kandahar city while on his way to Ahmad Wali’s house.

Trainer of police academy shot dead
KANDHAR, June. 20 – Malim Hussain, a trainer at Kandahar Police Academy was shot dead by Mujahideen at around dusk time today in Arghandab Hada area of Kandahar city.

Puppet translator shot dead in Kandahar city
KANDAHAR, June. 20 – Bashir, a spy and a puppet translator of US invaders shot dead by Mujahideen in Kandahar city’s Yarana bazaar at 06:00 pm yesterday.

Puppet’s vehicle destroyed in ambush on convoy, US base attacked
KANDAHAR, June. 22 – Mujahideen from Maiwand district’s Khak Chopan area state that they ambushed a military convoy of local forces late yesterday afternoon while travelling on Kandahar-Herat main highway, destroying 1 vehicle as well as killing and wounding 7 minions. Another report adds that Mujahideen also attacked a US base with heavy and light weapons located in the mentioned area after ambushing the puppet forces however the extent of damage and casualties caused is not known.

IED destroys American armored tank
KANDAHAR, June. 22 – An American armored tank was destroyed by an IED at 08:00 am this morning, killing and wounding all invaders onboard near Ma’ruf district center.

US tank eliminated in Khakrez
KANDAHAR, June. 20 – A mine planted by Mujahideen in khakrez’s Taki area ripped through a US tank, killing and wounding all invaders onboard.

Kandahar airfield rocks by missiles

KANDAHAR, June. 22 – 5 missiles fired by Mujahideen earlier today struck near enemy garrisons inside Kandahar airfield causing a fire to break out, officials and eye witnesses said, adding that enemy medical helicopters arrived to airlift the dead and wounded, the numbers of whom are not known.

IED rips through ISAF tank in Dand
KANDAHAR, June. 22 – An IED ripped through a green colored tank of ISAF invaders near Khairi mountain of Dand district late yesterday afternoon, killing and wounding all invaders inside.

3 minions killed in Terenkot
URUZGAN, June. 21 – A land mine blast killed a foot patrol of 3 puppet police in Mirabad area of Terenkot city at around 05:00 pm yesterday.

Mujahideen killed 2 minions
URUZGAN, June. 20 – In Khatiza Tszanda area of Terenkot city, Mujahideen attacked a police patrol using small arms fire and hand grenades, killed 2 minions while 5 others were seriously wounded.

Invader’s helper shot dead, rifle and motorbike seized
URUZGAN, June. 22 – A puppet of American invaders was shot dead by Mujahideen in Chira district after which his motorbike and rifle were seized.

Missiles slam into Ajiristan district headquarters
DAIKONDI, June. 22 – 2 missiles fired by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate this afternoon slammed into Ajiristan district headquarters, causing extensive damage and casualties.

Police minion perishes in bombing
ZABUL, June. 22 – A bomb blast on 2 ANA soldiers in Ziyarat area of Shahjoe district bazaar killed 1 minion an left another seriously wounded at 03:30 pm this afternoon.

2 police check posts overrun in Mizana
ZABUL, June. 22 – 20 Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate carried out an assault last night on 2 police check posts located in Takir area, near Mizana district center.
The fighting lasted for about an hour during which 4 puppets were killed while the rest managed to escape alive and 2 check posts were overrun, 1 vehicle and 5 Rifles seized as well as the check posts set alight and destroyed.

Mujahideen carry out armed attack on a joint enemy convoy
ZABUL, June. 22 – Near Mullah Khamo village of Nawbahar district, Mujahideen carried out and armed attack on a joint enemy convoy at 03:00 pm yesterday, causing the enemy deadly casualties and losses, the exact extent of which is not known.

Cowardly puppet killed in Qalat
ZABUL, June. 22 – A cowardly puppet police who had come out of his check post in Qalat city bazaar was gunned down and killed by Mujahideen at 10:00 am today, seizing the puppets weapon and equipment before safely leaving the area.

3 enemy armored motorbikes eliminated in Nawbahar
ZABUL, June. 20 – 2 armored motorbikes of US invaders were obliterated at mid night yesterday by land mines in Painzo village located near Nawbahar district center. Reports add that a roadside bomb destroyed a third US armored motorbike in Nawbahar’s Nabarho area. All invaders onboard were killed and wounded but their numbers are not known. Meanwhile, missiles fired by Mujahideen struck a joint US-Afghan enemy base, located near Nawbahar district center late yesterday afternoon, causing deadly casualties and damages, the extent of which is not known. Mujahideen further state that they also carried out an armed attack on a joint US-Afghan enemy patrol at 02:30 pm yesterday in the mentioned district’s Khalil Qala area however no confirmation has been received about the number of enemy casualties.

Joint enemy patrol attacked by Mujahideen, police vehicle struck by mine
ZABUL, June. 20 – An enemy military patrol of US-Afghan soldiers was ambushed by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in Shinki district’s Gharhi area at around dawn time today while at 09:00 pm last night, Mujahideen detonated an IED on a police vehicle and simultaneously attacked the puppet’s patrol with small arms fire in the mentioned district’s Yasozi area. The enemy suffered fatal casualties and losses in the attacks but their numbers are not known.

UAV shot down in Shahjoe
ZABUL, June. 20 – Later yesterday afternoon, Mujahideen shot down a UAV pilotless plane of ISAF invaders near Sra Taak Mountain of Shahjoe district. The wreckage of the place is still lying around the crash site today.

Land mine blows apart US tank
ZABUL, June. 20 – A US armored tank was blown apart by a land mine at around 10:00 am this morning, killing and wounding all invaders inside Lowarh Bakarzo area located near Qalat city.

Police vehicle obliterated by IED
ZABUL, June. 21 – At 09:00 am today, a police vehicle was obliterated by an IED planted by Mujahideen in Khan village located near Qalat city. All puppets onboard were killed and wounded but their numbers are not known.

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